All You Need Is Love

June 16th, 2009

This video talks about the stress I see in everyday life, as well as the love that I see in the world. It describes how I feel like we should worry less of work and jobs and the like and more on our family and friends.


EDIT: youtube took my sound away. I’ve disputed it and will hopefully get the sound back shortly.

A Turtle’s Migration

June 11th, 2009

This video used picture editing programs to photoshop the turtle into the pictures.  I thought it would be cool to use both the video editing software and the picture editing software.  I chose the song “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World because it’s about fitting in, and Alfie the giant radioactive turtle (whom the story’s about) is just trying to find a place where he fits in.

Ambassador from Zygomma

June 5th, 2009

Created by: Sam, Jeff, and David

There’s a lot that the major governments of the world aren’t telling their citizens. It isn’t about secret plans or global conspiracies; it’s simply about the alien life that we’ve come in contact with. This is the story of one such alien race with who resides on our planet. The ambassador of Zygomma is a position that is held for 30 years and then the ambassador is changed. Donald is an alien native to Zygomma, and he is reaching the end of his 30th year as the ambassador to Earth. Now he is prepping the next ambassador, his long time friend and mentor, Frank, on all the changes that have been made during the last 30 years on Earth. Frank in turns fills Donald in on all the occurrences that have happened on Zygomma during that same time. These two aliens meet in a restaurant in the middle of winter to discuss all that has changed. Listen in and see how our secret alien friends few how our world has changed, and even how their own world has.


Pumpkin Carving

June 3rd, 2009

This video is about the first Halloween me and my fiance, Laura, spent together.  It’s the story of our pumpkin carving.  We both had a lot of fun and plan to make Jack-o’-Lanterns every year for Halloween.  I also thought that this story shows how Picasa can be used as a sort of scrapbooking device.  You can take photos of events and such and put them into a movie/slideshow thing, put music to it, and share it with friend’s and family.  I find it useful and plan to use it in the future.



June 2nd, 2009






Boy Meets Girl

June 1st, 2009


Who wouldnt fall in love with a girl with a face like that?

Who wouldn't fall in love with a girl with a face like that?



           I’ve never gotten along with my parents.  When I was a little kid I suppose things were alright, but ever since I made friends with the bad kids down the street, I’ve never quite seen eye to eye with my family.  This is as much my fault as it is my parents’.  If I hadn’t of been trying to do thing they didn’t want me to be doing (and usually they were things I really shouldn’t have been doing) then there wouldn’t have been this big gap developing between me and them.  However, they didn’t try very hard to stop this disconnection, nor were they very supportive or encouraging of me in the first place.

            The strain on my relationship with my parents would ultimately be pushed to the limit when I decided to date Laura Diddams.  This woman, who is a year older than me, has changed my life for the better in more ways than she could ever know.  This change would take a little while to develop, and that time was not the most pleasant for me.  You see, Laura got pregnant her senior year of high school.  Her pregnancy was unpleasant and her child had many complications.  Through it all, she trusted in the Lord and on October 9th, 2007, she gave birth to David Lee Diddams.  Laura didn’t want the father to have anything to do with the baby because she had been making a mistake by being with him, and so she was determined to raise the boy with the help of her family.  Laura loved her child and did all she could to take care of him.  She named him David, after the great and brave king of biblical times.  Baby David fought for his survival as his health complications kept him from going to his home for a long period of time.  Unfortunately, the baby’s life would be cut short  as he passed away on February 16, 2008.



            The cause of his death is still unclear, but medical records point towards a mistake by the doctors.  Regardless of how it happened, his death did bring about one small silver lining for all of the dark clouds it had brought over Laura’s life.  I attended the child’s funeral because I had gone to school with Laura.  I had never been that close to her, but I always like being there for people.  I would hang out with Laura at one of my friend’s house several times in the next month after he child’s death.  I began to develop feelings for this broken girl.  I admired how strong she was and yearned to help her through the hard times.

            Little over a month after baby David’s death, Laura and I began dating.  I quickly fell in love with the girl and have plans to marry her now.  We’re excited to start our lives together as a married couple and are impatient for these formative college years to be over.  Though things have gone very well between the two of us, my relationship with her has caused more than a little friction between my parents and I.  My mother especially hated Laura for everything she had done, for sleeping around and getting pregnant.  She wouldn’t give Laura a chance at all.

            Since that time, my relationship with my parents has experience a lot of change.  At first things were really bad.  Fights between myself and my parents broke out all of the time.  Over time I was able to make them see that Laura wasn’t a horrible person, and I was able to show them how much I love her.  Now things are finally improving, and my relationship with my parents is better now than it probably has ever been.  Through this I have found the woman I want to marry and live with for the rest of my life and I’ve finally been able to open up to my parents and get to talk to them about things that are important to me.

          This story, my story, has a happy ending.  On February 13, 2009, I got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry me.  She happily said yes, and now we are planning our future together.  “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved.” -Moulin Rouge

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Dear Laura

May 20th, 2009

The zombie apocalypse is upon us.  The dead are rising from their graves!  I don’t know how or why it is happening, but it is.  However, the bad news doesn’t stop there, all of our robots and super computers have gained some form of dark intelligence and have turned on their creators.

That’s right, the robot-zombie alliance has been created upon a pact of all humanity’s blood.  Our days are numbered, the robots have all our information and have trained the zombies to have the greatest combat skills known to this planet.  The zombies have the combined abilities of pirates and ninjas.  What could possibly be worse than Zombie-Pirate-Ninjas?!

Oh, no!  I can hear them down the hall, the screams of agony herald their arrival.  I must flee.  I pray that I may see you again, but if I am not so lucky, then I must tell you on last time that you mean the world to me.

I love you,                                    


These attached videos are so you may be better ready to fight both zombies and robots alike.

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