Pumpkin Carving

This video is about the first Halloween me and my fiance, Laura, spent together.  It’s the story of our pumpkin carving.  We both had a lot of fun and plan to make Jack-o’-Lanterns every year for Halloween.  I also thought that this story shows how Picasa can be used as a sort of scrapbooking device.  You can take photos of events and such and put them into a movie/slideshow thing, put music to it, and share it with friend’s and family.  I find it useful and plan to use it in the future.


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One Response to “Pumpkin Carving”

  1. thecoleman714 Says:

    Wow David! That was fantastic! My family and I used to carve pumpkins together every fall (my sister, brother, and mom stopped doing it after a while) and I thought it was a blast. We didn’t have any pumpkin farms around, so we went to our high school to pick them out (and like you said, you have to find the perfect one for you planned design!). I really liked the music you put in the background! I thought it really added a lot to your presentation (I wish that I had something nice to put into my video during class) ! You also used the captioning effectively; it really felt like I was being told a story! All in all, your story flowed very smoothly and was a good one to watch! Great Job!