Ambassador from Zygomma

Created by: Sam, Jeff, and David

There’s a lot that the major governments of the world aren’t telling their citizens. It isn’t about secret plans or global conspiracies; it’s simply about the alien life that we’ve come in contact with. This is the story of one such alien race with who resides on our planet. The ambassador of Zygomma is a position that is held for 30 years and then the ambassador is changed. Donald is an alien native to Zygomma, and he is reaching the end of his 30th year as the ambassador to Earth. Now he is prepping the next ambassador, his long time friend and mentor, Frank, on all the changes that have been made during the last 30 years on Earth. Frank in turns fills Donald in on all the occurrences that have happened on Zygomma during that same time. These two aliens meet in a restaurant in the middle of winter to discuss all that has changed. Listen in and see how our secret alien friends few how our world has changed, and even how their own world has.


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