A Turtle’s Migration

This video used picture editing programs to photoshop the turtle into the pictures.  I thought it would be cool to use both the video editing software and the picture editing software.  I chose the song “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World because it’s about fitting in, and Alfie the giant radioactive turtle (whom the story’s about) is just trying to find a place where he fits in.

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2 Responses to “A Turtle’s Migration”

  1. jsoffer Says:

    I greatly enjoyed this photo story. I knew I would because I was tapping my foot along as soon as the song started to play. This was extremely creative, and you did a great job editing the photos. Great use to the software to layer two photo’s on top of each other but erase everything except the turtle. The subtitles were very clear, and well done by setting them against a darker background so that they could be more visible. The photo where we goes on the spaceship is just ridiculous, but I love it. I think this was one of the better photo stories that was done, and I greatly enjoyed it.

  2. tony1234 Says:

    wow what a great story, zombiepirateninja. The story sounds a little like The beginning of Godzilla except with a giant turtle. i like how you used simple techniques in your story to make a great movie, such as the use of enlarging a regular turtle.