All You Need Is Love

This video talks about the stress I see in everyday life, as well as the love that I see in the world. It describes how I feel like we should worry less of work and jobs and the like and more on our family and friends.


EDIT: youtube took my sound away. I’ve disputed it and will hopefully get the sound back shortly.

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One Response to “All You Need Is Love”

  1. sammencarini Says:

    Great video. Theres such a good meaning behind it. The best part was the scene from the office space. That is the best movie ever. I feel the same way about the world. There are some people out there that are too stressed out. The world needs to care less about money and more on relationships. I really liked how you have two different tones in your video story. You show the problem and the solution. I really like all of the photos and themes throughout your video. Great job and hopefully this video gets huge on youtube haha.